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FinFx PAMM Account : Managed account solution for FX Money …

FinFx PAMM Account




FinFx PAMM Account : Managed account solution for FX Money Managers (PAMM)

FinFx PAMM Account

FinFX proudly presents a highly competitive long-term partnership opportunity for FX Money Managers(FinFx PAMM Account).

The Percent Allocation Management Module (FinFx PAMM Account) enables Money Managers to trade an unlimited number of individual or institutional managed accounts simultaneously from only one MT4 trading account. The PAMM has nothing to do with trading copier software as it is designed to adjust risks of all clients regardless the deposit amount. The manager’s performance results (trades, profit & loss) are allocated among the managed accounts. The client’s managed account is virtually connected to the Money Manager’s master account in a that way all trades made by the Manager are proportionally reflected in the client accounts. The balance of the virtual PAMM Master account is the total sum of all clients’ deposits. To ensure the investor’s security, the client deposit is physically kept on its own account with FinFX – opened under the personal name without access for the Money Manager. The investor becomes the only one who is able to make deposits/withdrawals on the managed account.

PAMM benefits with FinFX:

  • Dedicated MAM server in New York with very low latency to our liquidity providers
  • Managing is done from one MetaTrader 4 account
  • Convenient backoffice tool to monitor clients
  • PAMM account base currency: USD, EUR, CHF or GBP
  • Minimum deposit per client account – 2000 USD/EUR/CHF/GBP
  • Performance (incentive) fee calculation report is available on a monthly basis
  • No-slippage True Limit Orders available in ECN environment
  • Withdrawal from commission account is possible at any time
  • VPS service for “no-latency” trading is available free of charge
  • Customized compensation plan can be applied
  • Volume-based commission split between 2 partners possible
  • Demo PAMM is available for testing

The client opens a managed account with FinFX via the Money Manager’s unique referral link and authorizes the Money Manager by signing a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA). Once the client has proceeded with the funding, the managed account can be attached to the PAMM Master account. The Money Manager becomes able to trade on behalf of the client. To address the special needs of professional managers, FinFX is pleased to offer a number of different ways the Money Manager can benefit from managing client accounts:

  • Client’s managed account may become subject to a performance (incentive) fee which is calculated on the High Watermark basis.
  • Client’s managed account may become subject to a management fee, which means that a guaranteed fixed amount is deducted from the managed account, regardless of how well the performance goes.
  • Client’s managed account may become subject to a one-time fee (deposit fee) to be charged from every client deposit.
  • Instantly paid volume-based commission system in the form of spread mark-up (spread widening) to the benefit of the Money Manager can be applied in addition to the abovementioned remuneration programs.

The managed account can be closed at any time and funds can be withdrawn by the client once all open positions are closed. The investors have instant read-only access to their own managed accounts without the ability to place trades personally. After each month the FinFX Back Office Department provides the Money Manager with a special report showing the general PAMM performance and the performance of each individual managed account.  There are five days to review the given report and give approval. Once the approval is received FinFX will proceed with the payment of fees.

Here you can find more details about how the PAMM model works.

If you have any proposals/questions, please feel free to contact us at .

By choosing FinFX to perform your management services you choose the best environment to demonstrate your high trading skills and experience!

FinFx PAMM Account

FinFx PAMM Account

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